The first cross-chain P2E game

PLay to earn

The Play-to-Earn business model is the latest development in the games industry. It's a business model that embraces the concept of an open economy and provides financial benefits to all players who add value by contributing to the game world.

Free to play

We give our players access to all of the content of the game without paying. You don't need to buy an expensive NFT or pay for monthly subscriptions to continue playing.

Free to earn

Participation in the P2E challanges are free of charge. All payments inside the game are optional.

AAA gaming experience

Speed throne is a PC game under development in Unreal engine 5. The game uses the newly introduced technologies such as Nanite, Lumen and Chaos vehicles to produce movie quality gaming experience.

cross-chain NFT integration

We aim to use multiple blockchains to mint NFTs, starting with Cardano and Chromia platforms. Our NFTs are unique to each player and are in-game playable but not mandatory for gameplay and P2E challenges.


Speed throne development is driven by community voting and is secured by blockchain technology. The owners of the token can vote for how the evosystem is developed in future.


NFT Gallery

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Economy Model

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Tokenomics for website

Road Map

2021 Q3-Q4
Phase 0
  • Proof of concept ✅
  • Game prototype development✅
  • Graphic design ✅
2022 Q1
Phase 1
  • Website debut ✅
  • White paper ✅
  • Release of the first game demo ✅
2022 Q2
Phase 2
Asset production
  • Establishing strategic partners ⭮
  • 3D modeling of NFT assets ⭮
  • Building race tracks in Unreal engine 5 ⭮
  • Creating the NFT standards for the in-game assets on Cardano ✅
  • Designing the smart contract for the token✅
2022 Q3
Phase 3
Community building


  • Launching the raise awareness campaign ⭮
  • Launching the social media channels
  • Release of the visual white paper
  • Launch of the "Prime cars" NFT collection on Cardano
2022 Q4
Phase 4
  • Launch the "Season 1" NFT collection on Cardano
  • Seed and private rounds allocation
  • Smart contract audit
  • TGE
  • 2023 Q1
    Phase 5
    Public offering
    • Public sale
    • IDO
    • CEX listing
    • Recruiting play testers to join the private pre-alpha launch
    • Launch the "Season 2" NFT collection
    2023 Q2
    Phase 6
    • Launch the game Alpha
    • Launch the game Beta
    • Launch the single-player mode
    • Launch the "Season 3" NFT collection
    2023 Q3-Q4
    Phase 7
    • Launch the game (multiplayer mode)
    • Beginning of the community voting
    • Launch the play to earn features
    • Beginning of the first event

    Please contact us if you have questions or inquiries.

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