NFTs are non-fungible tokens, which are unique digital assets that are verified on a blockchain. In the context of SpeedThrone, NFT cars serve as unique digital assets with utility as in-game assets. While NFT cars don't provide an advantage in gameplay, they offer unlimited event trials and extra bonuses to their owners.

Additionally, owning NFT cars provides a sense of exclusivity and prestige, as players can showcase their rare and valuable cars to others. With the ability to trade and sell NFT cars on a marketplace, players can further enhance their racing experience and potentially earn real-world value from their virtual assets


SpeedThrone Prime Series NFTs act as VIP memberships, unlocking all events within the game. Owning multiple Prime cars can also result in entering a collectors game called the VIP game, adding an extra layer of excitement and exclusivity, collecting rare and valuable Prime cars.


SpeedThrone Alpha Series is a limited-edition collection of gaming NFTs, featuring fully animated unique racing kits that are algorithmically assembled. Each kit includes a car, driver, special utility item, and lore-related elements, all packed into a single NFT.


SpeedThrone Beta Series are the NFTs that are dropped to our community members according to monthly qualifications. The cars are in-game assets that feature the same standards as the other SpeedThrone collections


SpeedThrone King collection is an exclusive collection of 150 NFTs, designed specifically for the SpeedThrone gaming ecosystem. These NFTs grant their owners a coveted seat at the SpeedThrone King council, where they will have a voice in shaping the future of the project

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