Multi-chain p2e racing game

Prime cars are a collection of 1000 NFTs on Cardano blockchain.

A prime car NFT contains:
✓ An in-game playable car asset
✓ A social class trait in Speedthrone community and whitelisting ticket for all future mints
✓ Access to special drivers in the Speed Throne game

The details of token vesting and smart contracts is presented in the whitepaper.

Road Map

2021 Q3-Q4
Phase 0

Proof of concept ✅

Game prototype development✅

Graphic design ✅

2022 Q1
Phase 1

Website Beta debut ✅

White paper v.01✅

Release of the first game demo ✅

2022 Q2-Q3
Phase 2
Asset production

Establishing strategic partners ⭮

3D modeling of NFT assets ✅

Building race tracks in Unreal engine 5 ⭮

Creating the CNFT standards for the in-game assets✅

Designing the smart contract for the token✅

2022 Q4
Phase 3
Community building

Launching the raise awareness campaign ✅

Launching the social media channels ✅

"Prime cars" NFT collection sale  (Cardano) ⭮

2023 Q1
Phase 4

Launch the "Season 1" NFT collection on Cardano

Ethereum community building

Release of the visual white paper

Seed round sale


2023 Q2
Phase 5
Public offering

Launch the "Season 2" NFT collection (Cardano)

Public sale


CEX listing

Private pre-alpha launch

Launch the "Season 3" NFT collection (Ethereum L2)

2023 Q3
Phase 6

Launch the game Alpha

Launch the "Season 4" NFT collection (Ethereum L2)

Launch the game Beta

Launch the single-player mode

2023 Q4
Phase 7

Launch the game (multiplayer mode)

Beginning of the community voting

Launch the play to earn features

Beginning of the first event